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Re: The most useless letter in the alphabet [JSA]
JSA wrote:
BLeP wrote:
JSA wrote:
BLeP wrote:
JSA wrote:
U. Elimination of the letter would stop the Canadian overuse of same.

Why do you hate superfluous u’s?

What kills me is that you overuse it, but, you really never need it. Just spell the words the way you say them. For example: "Let's go oot and aboot!" See, no "u" needed.

You stupid Americans can’t even mock our accent correctly.

We don’t say oot and aboot

We say oat and aboat

Nope. My Canadian buddies from Hamilton live right next to your dumb ass and they say "oot and aboot."

I met a lovely family from Wisconsin last month. You folks have absolutely no leg to stand on when it comes to making fun of people's accents.

Proud citizen of Long Chile.
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