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Re: How was your week? May 13 Edition [Dr. Tigerchik]
Okay - I have to know. Dr. Cupcake - what IS "the Lord's work?" Staying at home and pushing out babies? I would have been equal parts mad and laughing.

GiantNewb - my best clipless pedal fail was in a parking lot - while NOT MOVING. We were waiting to get going and I was clipped in on one side and sitting on my top tube. Somehow got distracted and fell over on the clipped in side... (I have lots more clipless fails - most involved a VERY bruised ego) It will get better, now I clip out without even thinking about it.

Sorry to everyone who isn't having their best week. Hang in there and do the best you can with what you've got.

I have a tri in two weeks that I'm under prepared for. I'll finish no problem, but that wasn't exactly my goal. Somehow life interfered and I'm wishing I wouldn't have signed up at all. I want it to be over so the continual cycle of feeling guilty for not working out while being too exhausted to care can be over.

I got a most awesome/scary "People - Mother of the Year" picture from my 7 year old. My teeth are very "prominent". I'm putting it up in my office this morning. :P
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