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Re: My Hematocrit is 41. [lanierb]
lanierb wrote:
Sorry to pick on you, but I hate posts like this with a passion. Unless you're sick, it's the wrong thing to focus on. I realize you've said you're not interested in PEDs, but the feeling you are expressing in this post is exactly what leads people to PEDs. I wouldn't be surprised if your post prompts a bunch of other people to go have their hematocrit tested too, which is a stupid waste of time (again, unless you are actually sick). Focus on you're training. Eat right. Get good sleep. Don't drink alcohol. If you want to talk about the latest fads like heat training, fasted training etc, great. (BTW both heat training and VO2max work will make you faster and *lower* your hematocrit.) If you want to measure performance, go race. Stop focusing on your stupid hematocrit and T levels.

No worries. I understand where your coming from.

As you suggest, I do focus on all the right things...training, sleep, stressors, eating right

But your suggesting that raising my hematocrit legally is wrong somehow, or unhealthy... I disagree.

Whether it's worth the trouble is another story...

"Good genes are not a requirement, just the obsession to beat ones brains out daily"...the Griz
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