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Re: Official FIT ASSISTANCE for Canyon Speedmax CF and CF SLX [ianpeace]
Hey Ian,

ianpeace wrote:
Do I have the wrong year of Merida? Do I have the wrong model of Merida? Is the chart I found wrong? Are you and I confusing Stack and Reach with Pad Stack and Pad Reach? Where are we getting off track?

The reason why these don’t match is because I am sitting the on the size M (54) of the bike but you were checking the numbers of size L if I see it correctly. And looking at the numbers and your detailed analysis the numbers match for that size (slightly larger pad reach, much larger pad stack).

Maybe just a background on how my current fit evolved. The bike was bought second hand, basically was just thrown up on the internet, size M so lets give it a try. We went there with my coach, had a quick sit on it, he said we should be able to fit you on this. Bought it and had a professional camera based bike fit done.
So even for this model I can imagine that L would also have worked fine, but there were no other options besides M. I do think that my current fit is not “my ultimate fit” and there is room to wiggle here and there and I am open for everything basically (I do get minor discomfort in my lower back after a couple of hours in the saddle for example, but with training it does get better). This will be the first bike which I am explicitly choosing because this is what I want and not just the bike that came across and can afford it and should fit.

My main goal is to have an aerodynamicaly sound position that is still of course maintainable on an Ironman which I might or might not already have. I will also most certainly go for a bikefit once I receive the Canyon. The bikefit in the end I got for the Merida was what they suggested. And in the current circumstances I think what you can and would suggest based on your experience and the information at hand on fit and adjustments to my current position I think should be pretty solid and on target. We are already getting way more things done prior a purchase then I did so far.

So what I have now is perhaps a good basis which is open for changes in my opinion and definitely not something dead on perfect. Might not be something we don’t even want to reproduce. Main things I have in mind:
- I am open for your suggestion on the reach and tilting the aerobar, looking at pro atheletes positions I am pretty flat compared to them with my arm. I always did have a fealing that I am a little bit slipping forwards on the pad which I would think gets fixed as well with the tilt.
If I saw correctly somewhere on the net, the new cockpit can have a tilt of 0 or 7 degrees, so I guess 7 would be an option. And what type of bars would make sense in by your opinion? At first I would say the J bend similir to my current one, but then you have the simple S bend, lazy S bend, J bend, L bend...
- with more aggressive I was thinking that I could have a more flat back, which would in my opinion decrease the pad stack and increase the reach as well, but if a hip impingement is at risk then it might not be worth it. I currently have a 175mm crank length, 172.5 on my roadie, don’t really feel a difference (I see pros tend to have around 170 nowadays). Would it make sense to ask for a smaller than 175? No preferences at the mo. This is just something that I though about looking at race photos and wasn’t explicitly discussed with anyone so far.
- I am also not sure if I am not sitting too backwards with the saddle and could be pushed a little bit forward, increasing reach again. My short reach to me just somehow doesn’t make sense in general (measured it multiple times), looking at everyones numbers here in the forum compared to their measurements. I am not that disproportionate based on my measurements and my hip isn’t stiff either, I can go pretty deep down with my legs stretched out (can easily reach the floor). I really have a feeling that padx and pady came to be from the fact that I needed to get fitted on an available bike and not choosing the right one for me in the first place. I would also be curious to here what numbers you would would cookup without knowing my current padx/pady, if this is even possible.
- And practically any other adjustment which you see fit to do.

What I have in mind currently based on this forum and thinking so many days on the whole thing in general:
size L with a short stem, probably a TSP, minimal spacers (no idea on basebar type, if it makes a dif, was thinking of flat since thats what I have now), rotating the aerobars and pads upwards, maybe a size 172.5 crank length. And with this setup I would have the chance to get a pretty darn good setup after visiting a bike fit.
But of course I might be wrong.

Thanks a bunch Ian,
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