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Re: Official FIT ASSISTANCE for Canyon Speedmax CF and CF SLX [ianpeace]
Canyon Speedmax SLX (Pad Y 647, Pad X 495)

Are you really referring to the Pad Y and Pad X with these numbers (495-50 for reach)? Because they match my stack and reach numbers and getting a little confused.
In the meantime I got one more reply from canyon, but these are just numbers I think you are aware of
canyon wrote:

Stack Reach
Your current position 647 mm 445 mm
Possibilitys frame L 628 - 681 mm 498 - 552 mm
Possibility frame M 595 - 648 mm 475 - 529 mm

Are you sure I would be more comfortable if we just increase the reach? Wouldn’t my arm become too stretched out? The current bendature of my arm looks to be good, never felt uncomfortable, although I might be wrong and could be more comfy. Or by tilting the aerobar we keep the arm in a good position? Never really thought of tilting it to be honest, guess that doesn’t really hurt the aerodynamics. Had a quick check at the top 15 kona male bike photos and yeah, my aerobars are super flat compare to them so could be something worth doing

But what I still think is that I could go a little bit more agressive, more aero. Wouldn’t that mean a decrease of the stack and at the same time an increase in reach? Would the size L allow such and adjustment in stack (if it is something we want ofcourse)

Thanks again,
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