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Re: Is the Speed Concept Mono Extension still UCI Legal? [Franz]
Franz wrote:
cabdoctor wrote:
UCI rules state:

  • Elbow rests must be made up of two parts (one part for each arm) and are only allowed if extensions are added ;

  • The maximum width of each elbow rest is 12.5cm ;

  • The maximum length of each elbow rest is 12.5cm ;

  • The maximum inclination of each elbow rest (measured on the support surface of the arm) is 15 degrees ;

  • The maximum dimension of the cross section of each extension is 4cm ;

  • The height difference between the elbow support point (midpoint of the elbow rest) and the highest or lowest point of the extension (including accessory) must be less than 10cm.

Can anyone with knowledge reply to this, not that the other answer's where bad, I just want more confirmation..
(And...UCI sucks..)

The main part of the extension is 4.5cm. Does anyone know if they're cracking down on this?

4CM X 1.5 = 6CM

April 2019.

CLARIFICATION GUIDE OF THE UCI TECHNICAL REGULATION34The article must be understood so that the extension can be of a 4cm maximal section (width and height). On this extension, one part, the “elbow rest” can be wider than 4cm and can go up to 12,5cm wide (projected surface). This part can be of a 12,5cm maximal length.In case when both extensions are joined by part, the dimensional limit of the joined part is increased to 1.5 times the value on the horizontal axis is 6cm. Other dimensional restrictions remain unchanged.

4cm rule X 1.5 = 6cm for the main body of the extensions.

They are legal as long as they meet the length from the bottom bracket and the distances top and bottom of the pads. I've had this verified in an email from the UCI.
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