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Re: Pool Swim vs OW [Schnellinger]
Schnellinger wrote:
How do times differ from the pool to OW for you guys? I flip turn in the pool, but I'm definitely not as effective as the swimmers. I find that the wetsuit pretty much takes away most of my problems but I don't know what to expect time wise this Saturday (70.3 Marbella). Will improved times per 100m in the pool normally transfer to improved times OW?

To your first question, I assume 4 seconds per 100m faster than you would swim in open water if you have a good flip turn, especially over longer distances. The factors contributing to this are

a) flip turn - I assume about 1 sec/100m, depends on your turn speed
b) push off/rest - pushing off the wall is the fastest you will move in the pool assuming you have a decent streamline. You also get to rest your arms for a few seconds. Compare the number of strokes you take for 100m in open water versus in a pool, I guarantee you are taking at least 10-15% more strokes in open water, which fatigues you over time. Imagine that you could stop pedaling on your bike for 2-3 seconds every 15 seconds - that is the effect of a turn in the pool.

To your 2nd question - sure it will, if all else stays the same.

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