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Re: Pool Swim vs OW [Schnellinger]
My experience has varied widely. I am uncomfortable swimming in a crowd. No amount of masters swimming is going to fix the way the nature of anonymous people racing is different from a group of people you practice with regularly. One swims over you with no care about doing so, the other group does not do this and if they did, the level of panic induced would still be different in a pool with edges, lane lines, or shallow enough to stand vs open water.

In other words, I find OW swim times highly variable based on kind of body of water, current situation (head on, side on, ocean, wind?), how the swim starts (mass, AG wave, or continuous stream), course marking (can buoys be seen in the glaring sun?), other (seaweed, water smells like oil / gasoline, water so shallow that participants take to walking, volunters which offer on-water course correction that is different from how course was described on land, eg wrt which side of buoys to be on).

My list is full of what should be rare or maybe just 1-off experiences but still, I've experienced them all and basically find that I can't predict how my swim should go without knowing more about the various possibilities above.

ETA: As poster #2 wrote, anything you can do to reduce the number of new features on race day: like grab a friend or group and get a swim in at the race venue or a similar body of water, is wise.

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