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Re: The Handlebar article [MattyK]
In regards to the extensions... a big part of the "problem" is how you take custom kit and make it fit a wide variety of people? Speedbar works great if they shape it to your forearms, know your exact reach / tilt / pad placement, etc. But what happens if your arms are slightly shorter/longer than size S/M/L/XL? What if you want a different angle, or the forearm rests don't meet your forearms. (Some of that slack you could take up with more/less padding I suppose)

Those Speedbars/Carbonwasps are trick kit. The problem with them (for me) is that IF you're the kind of athlete that is willing to spend ~$1k on custom extensions, you're the kind of person that is also likely to change your position at some point trying to find something better. That's fine if you need to spend $40 on new extensions... not so fine when you start spending a grand every time.
Of course that matters a lot less if someone else is paying for your kit.

*honestly, as cool and aero as the bars look, I think if someone would just make "lazy" s-bend shapes at different rises, and at the beginning of the extensions turned it up sharply (out of the clamp) to meet with your forearms it'd cover most of the aero gains.

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