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Re: Official FIT ASSISTANCE for Canyon Speedmax CF and CF SLX [ianpeace]
Great thank you. Very clear.

Due to availability they have CF in L but no SLX in L at the moment. I’m not married to the idea of full integration and find it a true PITA for adjustability and just wonder if the geo is the same so that your specs and write up would be the same across model ranges?

I had an easy to fiddle with 58 P2 prior (loved it...miss it) and liken it the CF, and despite enjoying the P5 wouldn’t mind the change back to an easier to play with version since I consider, maybe incorrectly, the SLX to be more like my P5 (full integration, most everything is hidden etc). If that is a bad comparison surely let me know. Bottom line for sizing and if that’s the route I go, same as what you mention in the other post..M or L but lean towards L?

Thanks again.
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