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Re: Let's see your ride! [colnagoguy]

Thanks for the information! I have just mounted the aerocoach armrests...

Just so I understand you correctly ... you heard about this yourself here on slowtwitch? You tried it anyway -with the bracket, and it broke? What happened? What was the feedback from Aerocoach?

On which side should the bracket be? On the top underneath the foam? How could you see that I mounted it without the metal bracket?

The armrests come with a metal supporting plate. The idea is that if you use the inside holes, if you apply pressure to the outside of the armrest it could (will) snap. So you should use the metal plate under the armrest to limit the flex and therefore stop the armrest breaking.

They are not carbon fibre, they are some sort of plastic.

I find this a really strange design - the metal plates obviously add a lot of weight, so why not just design the armrest to be more robust in the first place?

I used the metal plate under mine, but last weekend whilst riding the left armrest snapped in two when I went over some rough road. Arm slipped out and somehow managed to stay on the bike.

I returned to aerocoach and they have given me a full refund. Now I've ordered some wattshop dirty aero carbon fibre ones, that don't need a metal plate and won't break!
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