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Re: Multiple Ironman Races in a year... [Misery]
Lets see. I did (1) Hawaii ironman Oct 11, 2014, was 14th 50-54 agegroup with 10:08 (with a 3:33 run) (2) IM Texas in April 2015, was 5th 50-54 and qualified for Hawaii, (3) IMMT in Aug, was 5th in 50-54 and then (4) Hawaii Ironman Oct 10, 2015 and my left knee really was bothering me. Had a slow painful race. Pissed off, I did the (5) Baystate marathon the following Sunday after hawaii, with a 3:23 and qualified for Boston. So four IM and one additional marathon in one yr and a week with 1300 miles of running in 2015.

I saw the knee doctor the following tuesday who said if I run another mile, plan to have full knee replacements. Apparently I was bone on bone in both knees. Guess that wpuld explain the pain. At 55 now I havent run over 10 miles since, though I did bike 11,000 miles in 2016 and now race road, cyclocross, mtb and Gravel!!! Stay alive baby!!! Im not proud, just loving life.
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