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Re: Recommendations for a trip to Gettysburg? [spot]
This year, the battle re-enactment will be July 5th - 7th. The negative - it will be jammed, some hotels are probably sold out already, restaurants will be a long wait, and getting around will be really tedious. The positive - it's awesome to see. I haven't been to the G-burg one, but a few others in the area, and the attention to detail is amazing - what they wear, eat, the equipment, campsites, etc. The battles occur at specific times; I think the campsites are open all day, and there are all kinds of demonstrations, etc. to see. It will get really crowded during the actual battles. The re-enactment is not within the National Park, so you will still want to do the guided tour thing there, but again so will a lot of other tourists.

There have been a ton of hotels built in the last decade or so, mostly chains you'll recognize, don't know any more than that. There are some B&Bs in town that I'm told are really good, period buildings appropriately decorated and furnished. Again, it might already be too late for some of those for the July 4th weekend.

Gettysburg is a pretty small town. It's near US Rte 15 and US Rte 30, but it's all 2 lane roads into and through town, so traffic can be really, really slow.
There are some other small towns in the area that you might also consider walking around. Hanover, PA is similarly old and there are some really nice antique shops in town. Frederick, MD isn't too far away, I always liked the place. Also an older, historic town, but it has a small but lively restaurant, arts and antiques vibe downtown. Frederick does a really nice 4th of July celebration. A number of different musical performances, and the headliner is usually someone pretty well known, all for free. One year I saw the Smithereens there. Lots of food and activities, very good for kids.


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