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Re: IAAF World Cross Country Championships - Saturday! [muebele]
I think that after the next Olympic cycle, you are going to see a push to get XC added and the 5k and 10k out. The IAAF are already moving away from the distance races on the track, maybe they can be saved by cross country. I think a 5k or 10k on a good course is a lot more fun to watch then 12 or 24 laps around the track

There has been talk for a while now that this might happen. I don't know for sure, but Lord Coe, President of the IAAF, may be in favour of this. Cross Country was part of the Olympic program back in the early days.

The talk is taking the 10000m out from the track portion of the Olympic Games and putting in a 10k Cross Country race. The only issue with this is that the usual timing of the Summer Games (July - mid Sept) is the exact opposite season of the true Cross Country Season - which is a Fall/Winter sport for the Northern Hemisphere.

The IAAF & The IOC experimented with this last September at the U18 (Youth) Olympic Games by making Cross Country part of the program - and they went even further making it a points and combined competition of sorts for those running other middle distance races on the track - https://www.iaaf.org/...timetable-cross-coun - This is pretty innovative stuff from the IAAF!

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