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Re: Knee Pain While Riding [duluthians]
Schnellinger is potentially right. It was the point of my question. A lot of new cyclists think you are supposed to pull up, rather than just "unweight" the pedal. Usually, people will answer that question with a "yes, I thought I was supposed to..." in cases where the VMO is involved. Although, it doesn't specifically have to be the VMO attachment that is irritated...the knee isn't designed for TENSION, there are several tendons and ligaments around the knee that can complain about being pulled apart over and over.

Improperly adjusted cleat float, inadequate float, or other degenerate cases of ankle motion can also cause pain in the same area. New cyclists often need more float because they have more total ankle/foot motion to take up due to inflexibility in other areas. New tight cleats that won't rock, and/or hitting the float stops can cause either lateral or medial knee pain. Incorrect Q-factor, or improper wedging of the cleats can also cause pain the same area.

Its a hard thing to troubleshoot over the internets. Video of you pedaling from the front and the side would probably help a fitter on here see what might be going on. Posibly both with the platform pedals and your cleats.


1. Does your knee stay in-plane with your ankle during the entire pedal stroke, or does it move inward or outward at any point (particularly over the top, and as you begin to push down)? A lot of people will flare outward as they approach the top of the stroke, and then the knee dives into the top tube as they start to push down.

2. Do you EVER notice rotating your foot enough to feel the limits of the cleat float? Do you notice your cleats using lots of the float range, even if you don't feel the limits?

3. Does your knee ever get close to or touch the top tube?

4. if you stand on one foot and squat, what does your ankle do? Does it bend inward or outward, or does it stay in line with your knee/toe plane?
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