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Re: School me on Whoop [Brad Fio]
Brad Fio wrote:
devolikewhoa83 wrote:
i'm also curious about whoop. total different approach (basically time-series data of quantified recovery) but people seem to swear by it (including pro cyclists and mtbers, total badasses like kate courtney and lawson craddock). I have my Garmin and i use an HRV app, but maybe this would give a whole new quantum of data

You honestly think those "badasses" aren't being compensated for their "opinion"?

Um of course. but i don't see how it necessarily matters. Kate Courtney for example, they published a use case showing all of her data for 2018 leading up to her MTB world championship. Yes these athletes are sponsored but they don't waste their time using something unless they find it helpful, and they will use whatever they find helpful because they want to win. She clearly used it, for all of 2018. Does that mean YOU will find it helpful? Certainly not, there are pro cyclists who refuse to even use powermeters because they prefer to train and recover by feel, just like there are athletes and teams who refuse to use their sponsor's product and instead use whichever one they want (hence the mystery wheels, cranks, bikes, tires, PMs, with the label removed, etc. that are always popping up in pro race photos).

But no, you can't just dismiss it by being like "oh they are sponsored", you need to look at the evidence and think critically and decide whether you think it would work for you.

EDIT: I just think that what they are showing for these athletes is qualitatively different than a statement on the website that says "I USE IT IT"S GREAT!" They have published in depth explanations and reviews of the use case, not just an opinion from a talking head (not like Sportlegs or whatever--lol remember those ads?)
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