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Re: help me break 11hrs IM but Im in a complicated situation..... [B_Doughtie]
It certainly does qualify as self sabotage. Based on the little bit of info offered up, that sleep thing has to be the #1 hurdle. Very thin ice to balance being a parent, a work horse, and a someone who likes to train a lot all on little and inconsistent sleep.

It 'can' be done. For a while, right? Most of us have done something like this at some point.... until we wised up! It's just a harsh reality and not healthy at all.

Also, I 100% agree with your comments of racing a distance that fits the amount of time you, realistically, have to work with. It took me many years of stubbornness to make it to this other side where I accepted this perspective and I've been happier and healthier for it ever since! But, not everyone is ready for that eye opening enlightenment and they are just looking for the tips/tricks of the trade that will get them through their grind.

"Outwork your talent." Kevin McHale
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