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Re: help me break 11hrs IM but Im in a complicated situation..... [morpheus]
no prob breaking 11 on fewer hours as long as you stay smart and avoid self sabotage


Does not getting enough sleep in the OP’s info
not qualify as self sabotage and only doing 1-2 hrs a day max. I mean at some point your training demands has to meet some race demands and under these circumstances on top of a 2 year break nothing about the OP’s plan dictates 11hr success. There’s a reality when you have those type of limitations putting on yourself.

ETA: of course “goals” can be the reason you simply get out and do it every day and the
motivation to actually try something but I just think with all the background info he’s provided
and thus major limitations any time goal should go out the window. This should simply be about doing the best he can with his limitations But if this goal is the only real thing that gets him out to do it fair. But his training reality is not going to meet race reality imo on 3 hrs sleep max per day on 1 setting and then saying you can only train 1-2 hrs max.

-USAT L2 coach, M.S. Exercise Physiology
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