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Re: help me break 11hrs IM but Im in a complicated situation..... [Light_Kira]
With those limitations and or situational stresses why not drop race distance as your goal or the time goal? While a coach is going to help you it sounds to me like basic human needs aren’t going to be met to begin with. Add on top of that training and to me that’s a lot for not much sleep a day (4-6hrs a day and likely closer to 4 hrs a day)?

Just sounds like life isn’t matching up so whatever you do id make sure you set a goal that is fair for your circumstances. I don’t think setting an PR goal on top of getting not proper recovery is a very sound or logical goal. That’s not how you perform to your peak ability so I’d say you should match your goal/expectations with your training/life reality.

-USAT L2 coach, M.S. Exercise Physiology
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