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Re: Am I the only one that finds latex overrated? [Thomas Gerlach]
Thomas Gerlach wrote:

2) You are less likely to flat with latex. Although I patch my buytl tubes many don't and less flats might make the $$$ neutral.

I don't see this as true. I've had more flats since switching. Maybe that's just been bad luck, which I think is more likely than some major difference between butyl and latex properties. But, I patch my latex, just as butyl. I've also taken to bringing a bead-jack with me on all rides---its much faster, and WAY safer for the tube.

Thomas Gerlach wrote:

3) You could potentially save your self from a crash with sealant. Butyl and sealant doesn't work, but in the event of a high-speed flat, preferably while bombing down a steep descent. In the ideal scenario the latex might allow you to come to a controlled stop.

Potentially, yes. But, I've had many more sealant failures than successes. Honestly for daily use, I'm moving away from sealant. Its more cost, it very rarely works, and often it ruins the tube so I can't patch it (even more cost). So, I just carry a spare tube, patch kit, and CO2 on daily stuff. But, I will still use sealant on race-day on the off-chance that it DOES work.

ETA: Most often I find that sealant will hold about 60psi, but the seal blows out above that. 60psi will get you home, but its hard to control a CO2 shot. On several occasions, I've given the tube a short burp of CO2, which initially holds. Then I spin the tire to ensure sealant gets fully into the "hole". Wait a bit, and listen for any leaks. Then give it a good blast of CO2, and spin the tire again. Often on the second blast it will blow-out.
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