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Re: Free Coaching Advice Wanted [TXAgeGrouper]
TXAgeGrouper wrote:

M: Tempo (at 6:40 pace). Currently running 3 miles @ tempo but plan builds to 12 miles. Average run 7-8 miles.
W: 800's (at 6:00 pace). Currently a 3 but builds to sets of 10. Average run 7-8 miles.
F: Long Run. More focused on time. Gets up to 2:30 running with some tempo miles towards the end.

I'm probably giving more detail on the plan than you care to know, but all 3 of these workouts leave me pretty sore the next day.

So....3 runs a week for a total of maybe 30 miles? I don't do IM, but that looks like a shit plan to me. Drop ALL the tempo so you aren't sore and risking injury. Run more, run easier, and run more often. Honestly, that doesn't even look like a good plan for a marathon.

I think you'd be better off with just about ANY canned IM triathlon plan. Go buy one from D3 or EN or someone for $100 or whatever.

ETA: the above wasn't intended as a slight to full-service coaching (such as Ian). Only as another stop on the continuum between full-service, and going solo.
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