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Re: Zwift Race Series: Morning Grind Fondo p/b NormaTec and SBRrockr [Toefuzz]
Hey all! We’ve announced all the details about the next season of this race series—The Morning Grind Fondo!

Details can be found here: Instagram & Facebook

We will have two leagues to accommodate all of the Continental US “morning” racers!! 5:45 AM EST and 5:05 AM PST!

We will have 12 races starting Wednesday February 6th, and continuing every Wednesday for 12 weeks! Choose a league and come race! The best 9 scores in the league you choose will count towards your total score.

The winner of each category will be place in a drawing for the awards! (8 first place winners).

NormaTec Pulse Recovery Boots (1)
SBRrockr Pro Rocker Plate (1)
Rouler Sportswear Custom Race Jersey (4)
Donut-Themed Mystery Prizes TBD (2)

If you’re a D racer, you could walk away with NormaTec boots or SBRrocker Plate after 9 races. I don’t think that’s possible anywhere else! This is a free to enter race series on Zwift.

Expect that the competition will be fierce!! I can guarantee you come out the other side of the series a stronger cyclist and that you’ll form rivalries and friends in your category.

Race #1
Sign-up (5:45 AM EST): https://zwift.com/events/view/146194
Sign-up (5:05 AM PST): https://zwift.com/events/view/147181
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