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Re: Best knee/arm warmers? [Zippy303]
I'm a HUGE fan of the Pearl Izumi Knee-Warmers - https://www.pearlizumi.com/...ee_Warmer/p/14371707

Silicon gippers. Great fit. Articulated knee. Perfect weight.

I've had several pairs of them over the years. I consider them an essential part of any cyclists wardrobe. Put them on when you start out when it's cool. Take them off, when it warms up, and roll them up and stuff them in a back pocket. Climb up a big mountain - put them on at the top for the descent. The nice thing about knee warmers, as opposed to full leg warmers, you can take them off as you roll along.

I was just in Tucson for 10 days of riding - used them every day. We would start riding when it was 12C - 15C and some days I would keep them on for the rull three or so hour of the ride, but if It got warmer I would take them off mid to late ride.

Rode up Mt. Lemmon with them off, and then put them back on and a wind vest for the descent!

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