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Conti GP 5000 TL failure
**UPDATE** Luckily got good communication with Conti; turns out I was sent the clincher variant not tubeless... at the risk of looking a clown, I thought it better to put the record straight - no issue with GP5000TLs! On the flip side, the clinchers do a decent job of holding air without tubes (just in case)!

Just a quick note, I have just been through a Conti GP 5000 tubeless... interestingly used because the Zipp Tangente tubeless suffered an immense slash across the main carcass on day two. All installed properly, 60ml sealant etc. Lost pressure over the first ride, today, which was "luckily" wet as upon returning home I could see multiple air bubbles pushing through the sidewall, otherwise I would have assumed it was a leaky valve etc and wasted hours trying to find the problem. See link (hopefully). For mine to be faulty suggests there are others, so bottom line, there may be a duff batch out. Worth checking before you invest your life tweaking valves etc.

FWIW, it seemed like a good tyre; definitely more robust on the main tread than the Zipp or Pro ones, but the sidewalls did feel flimsy. I love the 4S in clinchers, so I am hoping this is a one-off. Back to the Pro-ones. I've emailed conti.

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