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We will measure your VO2max at 16,000ft
High-Altitude Research Study (Denver, CO area)

Male subjects needed for research on how breathing training affects performance at high altitude.

This is a study for US Special Forces, so at this time we are recruiting male subjects who are:
- 18-45 years old, not overweight, non-smokers
- Healthy, not on any regular medications, able to ride a stationary bike for up to 2 hours
- Not suffering from migraine headaches, anemia, or sickle cell disease
- Willing to not go to the mountains (higher altitudes) for the duration of the study (6 weeks)
- Able to commit up to 6 hours per week for exercise and breathing training for 4 weeks

We will measure your VO2max (peak oxygen uptake) twice at Denver altitude and twice at 16,000 feet.

- You will receive these results once the study has been completed

The total time commitment is for up to 48 hours over the course of 6-8 weeks.

Part of the study will be at a simulated altitude of 16,000 feet in a hypobaric chamber.

Please call 303-724-1675 for more information.
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