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Re: How was your week? Dec. 17 Edition [Dr. Tigerchik]
Dr. Tigerchik wrote:
Glad you didn't get too ill and congrats on the AG place.
Do you have a face shield thingie? I don't know what they're really called but there are things that cover your mouth but have tiny holes so the air you breathe in is a tiny bit warmer, or something, I think. LOL.

I do have a balaclava for the really cold weather, for these temps I use my Buff tubular thingy.

Thanks for the congrats womens. Although tbh, I mentioned my 3rd place rather out of astonishment than achievement. There were some phenomenal female runners participating last Saturday, like the 52yr old who ran a 42:09 and the 60yr old who ran 44:46. I actually feel like a phony with my 3rd place 57:14 (45-49 AG) and it looks like, if I can stay healthy, I'll be 3rd AG in the whole series.The good part in all this is I'm now really motivated to improve my 10k time.

Also, with the 10k being done on the first day of the 100/100 challenge, it'll be interesting to monitor any improvements through the consistent running.

I entered the 100/100 challenge after I saw your name on the list! The thought process was:"If even TC is participating this year, then I'll put another womens' name on the list!!"

Scheherazade - aiming for 50 is a great idea!
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