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Re: Gene Dykes Sets 70+ Marathon Record at Jacksonville Marathon [PaulDavis]
As he has said often, he has gotten faster over the last several years, not slower, which contradicts most people's expectations and experience of their late 60s. //

Not really.. He was much faster in his teens and 20's..Of corse one can get faster than you were a year ago, 5 years ago, 10 years ago, but with most athletes that rose to some higher % of their potential in their youth, they are never that fast again past50/60. No one gets to cheat Father Time like that, even Gene.

His unusual set of circumstances had him quitting quite early(competition) after achieving only a small % of his then potential. For whatever reasons(and we really are never gonna know for sure) he just got flat as a kid and gave up the ghost. But whatever it was, it has either disappeared or is no longer a factor in running fast as a 70+ year old. He got a do over, and now is hitting his peak for a 2nd time around, only this one has far fewer competitors, and you dont have to run 5 minute pace to dominate it...
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