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Re: Good 500 Time? [Trexlera]
Trexlera wrote:
Gonefishin5555 wrote:
Do a set of 100s on 20 seconds rest and whatever your pace is multiply it by 5 and make that your goal time. For the 1000 multiply it by 2 and add 30-60 seconds. Based on your IM swim time I would say 630-45 would be solid I’m guessing you are going to start out a lot slower than that.

I think your pace attrition is too high.
For the 100, 30 seconds seems more right. At least.
I can only hit my 500 pace in practice with a lot more rest.

I'm with you on that set. I couldn't make many more than five 100's at 500 race pace on 20 seconds rest. Seven, maybe eight. And I'd be wrecked for the rest of the workout.

I actually use 100's on 20 seconds rest to pace-train for the 1000y free. (I can make +/- 20 reps). 16-20 x 75's on ~20 seconds rest correlates much more closely to my 500y race pace. FWIW, my pace difference between the two is ~5%.

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