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Re: Indian Wells 70.3 [Bryancd]
You were rolling out there. You went by me around mile 10, then you lost your bottle around the one turn and I passed you back. You made me feel better that you didn’t catch up and pass for about 10 miles. Unfortunately there was one guy around us (big tall guy) that was drafting and didn’t get caught. Did he hang on your wheel as well? He was on mine for a bit then jump to others. I thought you were one of them. I let him go and got him on the run. I ran by you as well, but was in such bad shape then I couldn’t even speak and say “nice job, keep moving”. Sorry I didn’t introduce myself afterwards as you were a class act every time we saw each other on the course. I was riding the Black Speed Concept with the White Kiwami Kona Wings on the bike.
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