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Re: Official Speed Concept Owners Thread [Fishbum]
Hey all!

I am not sure if this has been posted or not somewhere in this long thread but I figured I would post it now. I see a lot of questions about the mono-plug in and its fit and comparison so I figured I would type up a little post and give some photos with it.

The biggest question of all - the mono plug in is 1 inch shorter than the standard mono bar that is provided (My example is the Long Ski-tip) on the G2 SC for the armpad mounting holes.

However, I stated this in another thread and verified this yesterday that in real world application you can get more "reach" out of the plug-in than you can a standard bar.


I ride a Medium SC, Trek states that a Medium can have a reach of up to 56cm (I measured 57cm on my bike to the center of the pad at maximum reach) - However when you calculate my forearm and hand into the equation I can ONLY get a maximum of 51.5cm, it is not physically possible to reach any further than that.

You add the mono plug in to the bike and although it is "shorter" I can run the center of the armpad to 54.5cm - so when adding whatever extensions I want and making them to the length I require I have gained 3cm of reach over the standard mono bar!

Here are some photos of the bars;

The bars right next to each other

The bars stacked on top of each other and bolt holes line up

The bars next to each other and holes

The standard mono bolt hole to bolt hole length

The standard mono bolt hole to ski-tip length

ANY mono bar with grub screw back (hindering reach)

Any mono bar with grub screw forward (allowing for maximum reach)

The standard mono bar with "longest" reach possible (in my case)

Any mono bar set up for maximum reach possible (bridge flipped, bar slide as far forward, pads forward maximum)

The Standard Mono bar with "longest" reach possible and my arm (my elbow bone right behind end of pad)

I hope this helps with some of the questions that have been on and off this forum about this bike!
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