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Re: Too short of a crank? [mauricemaher]
Yeah I have been riding and racing mtn bikes for 20 years and hadn’t put much thought into it either until I got a new bike this year. I have been slowly getting shorter cranks on all my other bikes - road, gravel, TT. What really got me thinking was the amount of pedal strikes I’ve been getting with my new Ibis ripley. The newer 29ers have been running more BB drop for better stability and cornering, but as a consequence less pedal clearance. The high front end also adds another problem with me getting my bars low enough in relation to my saddle. Shorter cranks can help in both of these areas. Not huge, but for sure a meaningful amount - particularily pedal clearance.

Edit: I did think about the torque issue for those critical one or two pedal stroke moments to clear an obstacle, but I doubt that would make a difference - not sure on this though.

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