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2018/19 100 Runs in 100 Days Airing of the Grievances Thread
Its that time of year. Can Kosmo Kramer help with putting up the festivus pole and we can complain about the 100/100 and all other assorted complaints about Ironman, ITU, Lionel Sanders' coach, Kona Pro Drafting and other assorted first world problems before the running starts on Dec 15th.

I'll get mine out of the system:

  1. I have been too busy with tech startup stuff to be on ST which balances out my obsessive personality to do too much of one thing and my life is skewed into tech world. I used to be more balanced LOL. Of course that same obsessive mindset got the 100/100 started (so I am blaming my old self for starting this thing).....now I am on this drive to get to 1200km swimming for the year...I need to do 3.8K per day every day for the rest of the year to get there.
  2. It sucks not being able to run like old times, but hoping to do some easy jogging on my woodway treadmill during the challenge (thus my over swimming routine)
  3. The Canadian healthcare system takes forever, no laser spine surgery here....gotta go down to Tampa some time to get my disc fixed (see above)
  4. Someone get Lionel to sign up for the challenge so we can complain that some guy is running too fast for every run and life is not fair
  5. OK....this is the main one so I will get it out there early. I am pre complaining about all you heros who will triple your mileage in the first 2 weeks and then complain to us that you got injured because of 100/100 and it is stupid. No one has to run every day, or multiple times a day. I am complaining that you're not "listening to your base" and overcooking it in week 2 out of 14.

OK, all kidding aside for me it will be a win if I can get to consistent treadmill jogging of 10-15 min by end of challenge.

Here is last year's front page article that takes you to all the details:


Alright, lay in....the FESTIVUS Pole is set up over there ------->
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