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Re: Indian Wells 70.3 [hadukla]
hadukla wrote:
Bryancd wrote:
Does WTC have a stated policy of a water temp too low to have a swim?

Along with the rule from the WTC book GMAN quoted, someone noted above that they made clear in the athlete guide they will adhere to USAT guidelines which recommend shortening of the swim between 53-56 for swims over 1500m and outright cancellation below 53. But they note that these are recommendations and race director has final call.


Great thank you. I have the guide printed out but haven’t given it a look yet. I would imagine if water temps are under 56 and the air temps in the mid 40’s race morning will give them pause. People were getting hypothermic here at IMAZ and the water was 62 and air temp around low 50’s at the start.

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