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Re: Saddle frustration, Selle T3? [Sharkbait22]
You can adjust the width of ISM saddles using zip ties. Adjust accordingly until comfy. I bring my rails in a few mm.

Sharkbait22 wrote:
Just seem to not be able to get comfortable on my Tri Bike. Yes I've been fit but the lack of comfort is all coming from the saddle. I am currently trying out an ISM saddle which I feel is still to wide. I am about to give up on these wide nose saddles no matter how many people say how great they are for triathletes. On all these wide nose saddles i am getting rubbed right where my leg and perineum meet i guess you would call it. I searched the forums and many people say the Selle SMP T3 is awesome but before i go buy one i am trying to see how wide it is in the nose. The ISM is measuring around 2.5 inches where as my road bike saddle is around 1(Yes, different setup i am aware) Just trying to get that same good feel on my tri bike.
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