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Re: Official FIT ASSISTANCE for Canyon Speedmax CF and CF SLX [Mdiaz]
Just noticed there was a typo on my side so my X is really 486 (Y stays the same 635). I don’t think it makes any difference but just in case... sorry about my mistake!


That typo doesn't change much - same size, same base bar, same stem - you'll just move the pads forward 3 holes (I think, it's 3) but I know the length is in there for that stem on that bike.

When it comes to the bar and having the 2019 model the spacers in the middle (not affecting the height as far as I know) what would be my advantage having them on my Set-up versus the flat one?...just trying to understand.

I need to understand this too. I've only seen one of those new bikes at Kona briefly and wasn't able to measure it, inspect it, etc. I'll reach out the engineers in Germany and get more info on the new front-end next week.


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