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Sales affiliates for Tri company
I'm busy creating plans and coaching, taking away from time getting the word out about my services.
I need endurance minded individuals to be affiliates for me getting athletes to buy my training plans.
I sell them on training peaks.

It's super easy.
I give you a unique code that will provide the buyer with a 20% discount.
You get 10% of the net sale.
Net sale = ( original price - discount - TP cut ) and then times 10% for your finder fee.

Plan costs $100.
Buyer buys with your code = $80
TP takes 30% = $56 net
You get 10% = $5.60 in one sale.
The more sales you get, the more cut you get.

READ THIS - if you have them contact me directly and they turn into a full time client or buy directly, you get 10% of WHATEVER they end up doing. Monthly plans. One time plan, etc.

One big requirement, DON'T SPAM. It needs to be organic. See someone posting on FB needing a plan and I have one, paste the link and code and bam. Let the revenue roll in.

Inquire to me at ryan.falkenrath@setthepacemedia.com
All financials will be via paypal.


https://setthepacetriathlon.com/offseason2019b - sign up for my off season webinar
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