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Re: NYC - Where to swim? (over this weekend) [MTL]
Upper east side is asphalt green which I think is $35 for a day pass. Pretty decent facilities and depending on the schedule sometimes a 50m pool.

Upper west side there is the JCC which if you go into membership office they would probably give you a 3 day pass if you pretend like you live here and want to join. 25m pool, only 5(?) lanes and generally pretty slow but if you don't go at a peak time you will be fine. (I might even have a guest pass laying around somewhere if you want it)

Others will probably have some more detailed suggestions, I think there are some masters practices that you can drop-in at Baruch.

No idea if this is a private club but it is much closer to you. Always been curious about it. http://www.clubcorp.com/...able-Center/Swimming

Edit: Also forgot about the Equinox on Columbus and 67th- pretty nice saltwater pool. Might be able to buy a day pass but could also get a free day if you act like you want to join.
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