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Re: Ok Fishes, here is the interview we were all waiting for!! [domingjm]
domingjm wrote:
Mike Alexander wrote:
I have heard this before. Why do "real swimmers" not use a watch in the pool? Do they not find value in recording performance or sharing that data with a coach?

Same. In all but the minority of explanations given here (like extremely short rest intervals), none of these are logical reasons to not monitor and collect your swim performance with a watch. And they reek of "I just don't really know how to use one or what the benefit would be". I think I'll continue to be a fake swimmer and use my watch.

If a watch could collect accurate data, I'd be interested. From what I've seen, swim watches can't even consistently get the basics, time and distance, right. I wish I had a nickel for every time I've seen a friend post a swim workout on Strava with something in the comments mentioning that the actual distance was different, usually starting with the phrase "F'ing Garmin....."

Rumpled mentioned he has a watch that tracks HR in the water. I could see some value in that. There are some sprint sets where I'd scrap a send-off interval and just go on the next repeat when a targeted recovery HR was reached.

"They're made of latex, not nitroglycerin"
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