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Re: Indian Wells 70.3 [monty]
monty wrote:
Now that you got me to go look at the HITS results page, I see myself in the 2012 sprint race, but I'm almost certain I did it before that year too? Are they missing some years in there?? I looked after 2012 and dont see myself, and I would have only done that sprint race back then, so is my memory fading, or did they not put all the years results up??

And that 2012 race brought back a lot of memories of that race. They guy that won cheated on the bike and cut the run course(told hits, but they didnt care), but the guy who just caught me in the last 400m was a legit racer, pretty tough racing for the 55+ for sure...He is the guy that just beat Dan in the 60+ in Redondo, so glad to see he is still at it. Perhaps next year I can give him a good race once again...(-;

Ha I remember the 2012 race and the thread about the cheater.

Good times....

I think racing a 70.3 in PS in December is nuts, but it sold out so WTF do I know
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