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Shameless plug: My cousin is attempting to ride the perimeter of the USA
My cousin (Matt) is starting his attempt to ride the perimeter of the USA today. He is 25 and left his job in Minnesota in supply chain management at Land o'Lakes to make an attempt at this. I am super excited for him! He has a twin brother, and personally, I am always fascinated by the dynamic of twins and that might be the hardest part he faces on this self-supported trip. Regardless, I wish him well and lots of riding prayers for a safe voyage.

He is a very religious and he is hoping to raise $25,000 for a youth camp he has been involved in over the years for kids with disabilities. Route is pictured below, and although he has no hard dates being self-supported, I am sure he could use some help with a wash of clothes, a place to stay, some latex tubes ;) Although not a triathlete, he has committed to doing the majority of his commuting via bike even in harsh Minnesota winters. I think he did 8,500 hundred last year. Anyway, I figured there might be a few people interested in following along via his Instagram.

**edit** I followed up with my cousin today as there were a bunch of people offering assistance, thank you btw. Especially those that offered to lube his chain, lol. Anyway, If you don't have social media/Insta to send him a DM then send him a message thru his contact page on his website. He is going to need a way to organize the dates/homestay as he makes his way around the country.

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