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Re: BMC TM01 recall [mike s]
I have a 2018 model and got my bike inspected, sure enough ... it failed the inspection on 25mm tires and Mavic 19mm internal rims .

According to BMC, you should have a 6mm clearance between the tire and frame at the narrowest point, I am not sure all bikes does this, the Scott Plazma looks to have a very small clearance, especially with 25mm tires, so this problem might be there as well. Worth to mention that i put thousands of KMs on the "failed" setup with no problems, but you don't want to take chances.

Bottom line for the BMC frame, you won't be able to run pretty much any 25mm+ tires on this frame. I am currently running 23mm Vittoria corsas and they barely fit the safety spec.

BMC said they will start making new forks that will allow for larger tires, but if i were you ... i would either wait it out or get a different frame. My feel is that BMC will change few more things into this bike in the next years, especially with front cockpit.

You can see in the picture the clearance with 25mm Vittoria G+.
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