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Re: Michael Weiss [hairypiernas]
I don't know who Beth McKenzie is so I cannot comment. But Huthaller got busted for EPO, attempted to bribe employees at the WADA lab to get her B sample clean (for which she actually got probation!) and after her ban admitted to testosterone use. Later in a slowtwitch interview that was supposedly her public apology she said she was treated unfairly by being blamed for taking T because while she thought it was T her drug dealer was actually giving her a fake. During her ban she announced she would never race again, but nope- she entered Miami 70.3 as her first race after her ban where she got her boyfriend to intentionally block the pro women's field until she caught up and then drafted him to the finish.


That is pretty serious shit.

And I have not dug up the thread but when people got all up in arms about a guy banned from cycling moving over to triathlon, Weiss agreed with Dan to start an AMA thread here to get it all about and rehabilitate his image. He refused to answer a single question about doping and was all bent out of shape about why people were not asking about his training or racing. It was a total joke. He was doing enhanced blood bags- really serious doping. He may have done his time and can legally race but we can make him feel unwelcome and put pressure on his sponsors (HED and Diamondback)

Ed O'Malley
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