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Re: Michael Weiss [windschatten]
Professionals should look in the mirror. If they really wanted a clean sport, they would do something meaningful about it


and what meaningful action should they take?


Demand for better services?

Professionals especially at LC level have no hand. They have just enough to keep themselves in the game, but they have no bargaining chips, and that's what is needed in order to force change. Demanding change doesn't do anything if it's falling on deaf ears, which is what would happen.

eta: this isnt a major sport where the sport + athletes work together to make a great product. This is a low level money making sport where it's run by 1 organization that runs it as a business 1st, "fairness" 2nd. It doesn't act with the athletes on an equal footing. It acts as how it sees and then requires the athletes to follow. The athletes have no real bargaining strategy here, to even suggest other wise, you just dont get it.

-USAT L2 coach, M.S. Exercise Physiology
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