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Re: 70.3 Hawaii ("Honu") VOG Update [KonaCoffee]
A quick update on air quality for the Kona and Kohala Coasts with Honu about 10 days off or so.

While the air is voggy with no clear horizon in Kona along with lowered visibility, the air quality is still "Good" in Kona and better up north where the race is held. The primary pollutant is SO2 (sulphur dioxide). Air quality down in the Ka'u district (Southpoint area and just north of there. Where the volcano isn't btw) is listed as moderate at the primary tracking site for that district.

While there are some interesting videos being shown on various news channels showing the fountains and "laze" (lava and haze), keep in mind those are over 100 miles from the race site. The race site is also upwind from the the Puna district (where the volcano is) with our normal trade winds.

Enjoy your race.


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