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Re: 70.3 Hawaii ("Honu") VOG Update [KonaCoffee]

Yesterday saw an ash cloud rise to 12,000 ft above Kilauea's summit Caldera. Briefly, rock and debris fell into Halemaumau's lava supply (Halemaumau is the summit crater within Kilauea's Summit Caldera, it's also the traditional home of Madame Pele), that resulted in the large ash cloud seen in this picture from Hawaii News Now. There is an ash warning out for the Puna and Kau districts of the island. Kau is southwest of Kilauea along the island's east coast down to southpoint . Puna covers Volcano Village etc north towards Hilo.

This ash "event" is also not the steam explosion which has kept Volcanoes National Park closed this week. A steam explosion results when the lava within Halemaumau falls to ground water levels (already happened) and rock or debris fall into the opening and clog it. That results in a pressure build up and a very dangerous explosion.

The air conditions are considered RED in the affected areas only. There is about a 1/4-inch accumulation of ash on the ground in Pahala and related areas this morning. The Air quality is poor but the actual ash is not toxic in the sense that S02 is. It is an irritant.

While there are wind scenarios that could roll the vog into the 70.3 course via the saddle or up from Kona, that's not the most likely scenario. This morning's sunrise in Kona was clear and reasonably close to normal vog levels. Many of us, myself included, are coughing and sneezing more than normal but it's not my lungs preventing me from running atm.

A brief (22 seconds long) video of the wind patterns of late. Note that Honu is on the northwest part of the island.



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