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Re: Hypothetically, if I were to become an agent for pro triathletes, what value propositions for sponsors should I focus on? [monty]
monty wrote:

But you are right, if you seek only endemic sponsors like a bike company, and you do not crush records, have fastest splits, and get to T2 first every time, you are not going to sell many bikes. And even if you do all that and you are a woman, you still won't sell bikes.

Very true.
Most people can’t afford to go out and buy a bike just because a pro rides one fast. What we can afford is clothing and nutrition. Look at your favorite football, soccer, baseball players and if you see them with a cool cap or t-shirt, you can go out and buy one for $30.

It has to be more than just the sport, hopefully superleague can do more for the athletes and market the sport better. We need a format that is exciting to watch for non athletes, press confreneces and rivalries.
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