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Re: Longest center of pad reach? [FindinFreestyle]
 Hi all,

Can I jump into this with a request for some more data, if it's available, on which bikes these guys actually ride, frame and size? The interest is to look at 'forward weight offset' simply the difference of pad reach to front wheel centre. This plays into stability and handling which when you're trying to hold that position on a gusty, cross windy sort of day or a tricky steep downhill is not so easy as it is on the fit bike. We're working on a new Tri bike concept that would allow the bike to custom fit and also provide a choice within a range around that fit for front wheel centre and so 'forward weight offset'. The goal is to take the fit of the rider first then match the bike underneath them with a consideration to their level of riding ability/confidence taken into account on the handling geometry set up. Running some real data comparisons with outliers and their current rides would be a big help in refining that concept.


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