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Re: Let's see your ride! [Clutch Cargo]
Got a great team deal on some DI2...so I went ahead and drilled out one of the cable stops on the top tube, then one of the bottle bosses under the P4 water bottle...had to dremel out the FD cable hole slightly...but have everything internal but the RD cable I have count out from under the rear brake cover, then taped under frame going back to RD. Drilled small hole in the bottom of the water bottle for e-tubes, have an internal battery and the junction b inside the water bottle...with enough slack in the tubes to be able to get them un-plugged and out through the drinking spout if it was ever necessary. I then stuffed some bubble wrap in though that spout to keep everything from moving/rattling...these are my everyday wheels...will race with zipp 900 tubular...so I won’t really ever need to mess with the rear brake width for different size wheels...

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