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Re: Choice between the new ENVE SES Aero TT system or the Profile Design Aeria Ultimate. Which would you choose? [cyclenutnz]
cyclenutnz wrote:
I don't like your chances, the stem and bottle shaping is quite specific.
And you don't want to be drilling stems.

Is your aim to use the stem/hydration with current bar?

You’re underestimating my Dremel skills! I could see reshaping and securing the mount to a different stem using a two-part epoxy, but I agree ... there’s no way I would drill into a stem.

The bar is a use Tula, which is the hitch ... if I didn’t like that bar so much, I would be tempted to get the full Aeria system. But that would mean I would be spending 1G just for no reason other than running the hydration system, which is not the most sensible approach.
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