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Re: New to rollers [spasmus]
spasmus wrote:
Just brought some rollers and I have a few questions.

I managed to ride and struggle for 45 minutes. I have a safe set up (in between wall and sofa)
and was using my running shoes. I eventually made it about 20min without having to stop.

1) do you use a specific trainer tire like the ones I use on the fixed trainer (red tread) No

2) do you ever get into the aero postiton? I stick to the road bike on rollers

3) even after getting comfortable on them, do you ever move it into a less "safe" place like middle of the room. I train over one hundred hours on rollers every year, but I still ride them in a doorway because it's just convenient for me do so and pretty much eliminates the risks associated with a lapse in concentration

4) do you ever get to the point you can watch a movie? Sure. I routinely do 4 hour endurance sessions on the rollers throughout the winter. Movies are one way to help pass the time.

5) do you do hard efforts on them? Interval type stuff?
Yes. I do all my indoor training on rollers including high wattage sprint workouts, V02 work etc... I use a set of Tru-trainer rollers on a home-crafted free-motion set-up.
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